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 Mother Bear Application Form


*Please provide a copy of your child's birth certificate and

immunization record.


Child's details


Child's full names

Date of birth

Physical address

Home language

Habits (Nail biting, thumb sucking)

Allergies chronic illnesses or other health problems (please specify)


What formula does your baby drink?

Requested start date:

Where did you hear about Mother Bear





Mother / Guardian


Mother's full name

Mobile and work number

Occupation and employer


Physical Home address


Postal address



Father / Guardian


Father's full name

Mobile and work number

Occupation and employer


Physical Home address


Postal address



Other contact names and numbers


People other than parents who will fetch the child

Name                                                                         Relation

Contact number

Name                                                                         Relation

Contact number




        In case of emergency



Emergency contact Person

Relation to child

Contact Tel number

Cell number

Name of Doctor

Doctors address

Doctors Tel number

Medical aid name

Medical aid number

Any specific instructions



        Fees and payment



Registration Fee: Once off



Monthly fee

Full day



Half day






Day rate ( prior arrangements)



One month's fee






      NB*** Please read below:

10% Discount for brothers and sisters. Fees are renewed annually at the end of

June for payment in July.

Fees are payable monthly in advance for 12 months of the year.

One calendar month's written notice is required when your child is leaving the school.

November is not accepted as a notice month. 1 October is the last day of the

current year when notice can be given. You are liable for the school

fees until the end of December.

Your deposit will be offset against your final bill provided proper

notice was given.


No deposit will be refunded. There is no reduction for holidays or sickness.


Penalties for late fetching apply.


Should any parent employ/poach our staff, there will be an immediate

termination of this contact and there will be no refunds owed to

parents, whatsoever.


The school will be open during the school holidays as laid down by the Gauteng

Department of Education, but closed on public holidays as well as on a

Monday or Friday should the Public Holiday fall on a Tuesday or Thursday. 

School will be closed from mid-December until mid-January

as well as one week in June/July. Parents will be provided with the

relevant dates well in advance.

School fees are divided into 12 equal payments, or can be paid once off annually in






          Please sign below:


          Parent Name and signature:      ___________________


          Date                                            ___________________







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